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ArroWorthy has been in business since 1962. Although a more diverse and larger company than it once was, the company emphasis is still placed on three important principles. The very same principles on which the company was founded:

  • First: Always use the very best materials to make a quality product
  • Second: Price competitively
  • Third: Give good service and stand behind the products.

In its early years, the company manufactured the very best hand made lambskin paint rollers. As growth continued, the company introduced a line of synthetic, spiral wound, paint rollers of all types: phenolic core, plastic core and specialty items such as the closed core system.

Today, we are one of a select group of companies able to manufacture synthetic roller covers on a Polypropylene core, which are 100% solvent resistant. Polypropylene is proven to be a more solvent resistant resin that phenolic or PVC.

ArroWorthy is committed to continue improving and expanding our line of products. We take great pride for some of the products and programs that we have introduced to the professional and consumer paint world:

  • 100% Genuine Merino Lambskin Products
  • The Purple – Viodel – roller cover
  • Tradesman Semi-Professional Brushes & Rollers
  • The Olympian Line of Stain Brushes

We at ArroWorthy were also the first to create new lines of professional brushes:

  • White Frost – Finultra Nylon/Polyester
  • Red Frost – HG Polyester, Nylon
  • Gold Frost – Polyester/Nylon
  • Pro Tradesman – 100% Polyester

Using new equipment and special finishing techniques, we feel we have perfected superior painting tools.

Our company has now expanded with 4 U.S. manufacturing facilities that give us the flexibility to ship nation-wide and internationally in a prompt, efficient manner. This is coupled with an organization of sales persons who provide excellent service and programs customized to fit the individual store’s needs.

For those of you that are new customers, we would like to welcome you into the ArroWorthy family. We hope you will be satisfied and continue to grow with us for many years to come.

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